Sunday, August 11, 2019

poetry and story inn fridays week 51, short story slam week 123, 121

poetry form of 2018  (III): FATTN (Whersinz)

---Five and Twenty Two NZ
---5 lines and 22 words

a sample FATTN (WHERSINZ) poetry form is shown below
accorind to Lori Webster (II)

pause! look left!
see pat quinn mop wildcats,
See george bush turnpikes west teaxs
see tom wolfe preach Pittsburg,
Laugh! Write FATTN!

an additional sample by Mary Fallin

trust me, I transform
not because I am water
not because I am light
but because I am spring breeze
Listen, Write!!!

another sample....

susan gordon might have known
that sarah and that hannah can be different
that irene and that peter could be interesting