Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Xiangqi + Chess +Weiqi =Fabulous Folk Mind Games for Jingle

Mind games truly entertain and inspire,
Jingle enjoys Chinese Xiangqi,
lately, she plays Chess (American style)
which is different from Xiangqi, but fun,
Weiqi is another mind game that tickles
Chinese people, in China, teams are formed
to participate in competitions, meanwhile,
the games are favorably played at parks,
or homes of remote countryside villages.

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Louisiana = Louise + Angelina Jolie

South to Arkansas, West to Mississippi,
East to Texas, North to Atlantic Ocean,
Louisiana state of America gives one
instant calmness for its lovely character.
Former president and war hero Thomas Jefferson
was born in Louisiana, Baton Rouge
is its state capital, summer camps include
beach swimming, forests haunting, fishing,
and horseback riding...and more.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wuhan TongJi (Wu-Hilliary TomJi) University: Keep Up The Excellence!

Recall that ShawnHillary TongJi University
was mentioned the other day, today, we
shed highlight on TongJi (TomJi) University
located at Wuhillary, including TongJi Medical
college, the university has long time
traditions in academic excellence, research,
and projects...medical college prepares
students with modern tech and equipments,
in advancing healthy care and medicines...
keep it up!

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Washington (D. C.) [Woo-Sheng-Tom David Clinton]: Fantastic Facts To Know!

Did you know?
Washington=Wu-Sheng-Tom, or Woo(d)-Sher-Thomas,
and Washington D. C.=Woo-Sheng-Tom-David-Clinton,
referring to District of Columbia;
The first president of the U. S. Gorge Washington
was the only president who never lived in the white house;
and Washington D. C. is NOT located at
Washington State, where Seattle is its capital city;

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Wisconsin (Waystationone-Peter Constantin): The State of Union

Wisconsin (Waystationone-Peter Constantin)
is a state in North America that sits
north to Illinois,
east to Minnesota,
south to country Canada,
and west to Lake Michigan,
Justin's best friend Feng from
Beijing University attended
university at Cincinnati,
Wisconsin cheese is well known,
love the lighthouse by the bay,
reminding me of soap opera Guiding Light.

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Blueberry Muffins: Best Treat for Mom from Sheng!!!

Beginning 9th grade,
Sheng becomes interested in cooking,
He would look at receipt online,
print out a copy, buy ingredients, and cook,
The first treat is a large pepperoni pizza,
Later, Sheng bakes blueberry muffins,
chocolate-chip cookies, during recent
three visits home from university,
on the day before he leaves, Sheng
has baked blueberry muffins.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ziyi Zhang: The Movie Star With A Heart!

Ziyi Zhang began to impress me
after she spent more than a week
collecting money from foreign
friends she knows after China's
biggest earth quake early 2008,
Overall, I like Zhang,
she is a star with heart,
and her talent in carrying out
multiple roles as Chinese,
Japanese, and so on is evident,
Thumbs up!!!

Image Credit: Google.com on Ziyi Zhang,
A Chinese Movie Star who has business in
American Hollywood sometimes...
good luck, bless all!  :)