Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Salute You, Friends!

This post simply shares those friends in life who love, and rise above, 
never expect you back, smiles!

Former OSU president James, Justin, and Benny Evans..

Amanda, Sheng, Kong, Austin, Texas

A Firefighter holding Tom, Austin, Texas, 1998

Sheng and His Teacher, Bryker Wood Elementary School,
Austin, Texas

Sheng and Tom, the wall is decorated with Chinese poems or riddles, 
by Jingle,1998, Austin, Texas

Russian Piano teacher and Sheng, Austin, Texas

Sheng, Jay, Vicky, Zach (Sheng's classmate)
They play with Sheng weekly at Austin home...1999

Sheng's 2nd grade friends at Austin, Texas

Sheng's pre-K friends at Princeton, New Jersery, 1996

Jingle, Beijing Park, July, 1993, 

Joe, and Sheng, Austin, Texas

Sheng and Miss Juliet, Diving Dolphins Class at University of Texas..
Children's developemnt lab
Austin, Texas, celebrating Sheng's birthday at a friend's house...

The three male Chinese are Post-Doctor instructors at UT, 1998

New York City, Justin and his friends,
All Graduated from Beijing University, currently in Amerca

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Abby Jaco said...

love all of you, keep loving and giving,


Thanks for being part of our lives....