Friday, March 16, 2012

Wuhan TongJi (Wu-Hilliary TomJi) University: Keep Up The Excellence!

Recall that ShawnHillary TongJi University
was mentioned the other day, today, we
shed highlight on TongJi (TomJi) University
located at Wuhillary, including TongJi Medical
college, the university has long time
traditions in academic excellence, research,
and projects...medical college prepares
students with modern tech and equipments,
in advancing healthy care and medicines...
keep it up!

Image Credit:, on TongJi University, or TomJi University at WuHan (Wu-Hillary)...

1 comment:

Sherri Jiang said...

I know that there is a Shanghai TongJi University
and Wuhan TongJi University,

both are cool, including Tong Ji Medical college.