Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ziyi Zhang: The Movie Star With A Heart!

Ziyi Zhang began to impress me
after she spent more than a week
collecting money from foreign
friends she knows after China's
biggest earth quake early 2008,
Overall, I like Zhang,
she is a star with heart,
and her talent in carrying out
multiple roles as Chinese,
Japanese, and so on is evident,
Thumbs up!!!

Image Credit: on Ziyi Zhang,
A Chinese Movie Star who has business in
American Hollywood sometimes...
good luck, bless all!  :)


Abby Jaco said...

keep it up,

Ziyi Zhang, you have inner beauty as well as physical beauty.



Andy said...

Visiting from JP At Olive Garden: Poetry Picnic Wk26.

She's a great actress. Seen her in quite a few movies.
Thanks for sharing.

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