Friday, April 27, 2012

Ukraine = United Kingdom+United Nation+Dora+Maine+Aihua Xie+Rene+Summer Rain

Fun facts on Ukraine citizens:
"They speak both Ukrainian and Russian.
Christians are forbidden from playing cards,
it's considered gambling.
Bread and mayonnaise are consumed
at about every meal.
Commas are used as decimal points
instead of periods.
You have to pay for plastic bags
at the grocery store.
People refuse to smile seeing you.”

Image Credit; on Ukraine...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tulsa International Airport: The Seagull That Eagerly Offers Important Support!

Justin is a great guy,
he arranges for Jingle to drive him to Tulsa
Airport this past Sunday, and today,
April 19th, Justin’s plane from Chicago landed at 11:59pm,
10 minutes earlier, which makes Jingle
run different places looking for Jiahong,
eventually, she meets him with the help
of a gentleman who paged him.

 Thanks for the help, Ladies here today, April 19, 2012

 Image Credit:, Ji Po Yan, Justin, Jiahong Wu, Tom Lee Wu, Sheng Kent Wu...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sasame Place: The Big Bird That Flies and Adds Grace!

 Image on Sasame Place, Pennsylvania...U. S. A.

Jingle told Jiahong that
She was pregnant after he came home
from Tennessee, in April, 1997,
and she was determined to have
this child, because life is precious,
They agreed, and continued their support
to Sheng, they had fun at Sasame Place,
Please Touch Museum, After Tom was Born,
Sheng stopped wetting bed, A Miracle.

Pregnant Jingle, can you see it?

 Sheng loves Tom, he fed Tom vegetable soup with a tiny spoon while we ate dinner,
with Tom baby staring at us, at his baby stroller in the living room...

Trenton's Dad, coaching them Basketball at YMCA...
Tom, front row, second one from left hand side...

Image Credit:, Family members..