Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let Light Come (Short Story Slam Week 23)

Let the light of love
warm the chinks in the barn,
roll up the bales in the field.
Let the rooster wake you up at 5am,
as a maiden weaves mittens
with needles and yarn, let light in.
Let mud collects on the sickle forgotten
at the wheat field. Let the weeks run
like rabbits under the first July rain.
Let the pond be folded and hang up
in the sky to dry, let the truth go naked
and allow time to cough and cry.
To worries in your head,
To the desert in the bed,
To air in your lung, let light in.
To the daydreams in your eyes,
To the orchards that's bitterish,
Let light come, in God's trust. and it will.

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Rachel Schapiro said...

love the playfulness in this one.