Saturday, April 5, 2014

Princeton In Imaginative Review

Pu-Lin-Si-Dun (Princeton),
Well know small town,
An evergreen name to be sung,
Frank, Suzann, Leming, Shedrick, Lexi, Ann, Shawn, Peter, Bradley,
Kimberly, Robert, Taylor, Liz, John, Bill, Anthony, Jason, Kathleen,
Plus Lisa, Elena, Chelsea, Lori, Meredith, Gayla, Amelia, Stephan;
Nutty tomboys and handsome gentlemen.

Palm square, hulfish road, Lempert George walkway and Tom Albert library,
Chris and Shirley make sure most of us feel honored and merry,
Art museum, Asian food park, and Princeton Garden movie theatre,
golf fields such as Royce Brook, Cherry Valley, Jasna Polana, Hopewell Valley,
Mercer county golf add fabulous delight to Princeton township and dining feature,
Sincere transportation service from Hilton hotel branch named Double Tree,
We also love the service provided at Princeton Junction station, easy,
An Ambragie food production and Somalia relation are under way.

Back at Newark-New York Liberty international airport,
Park Plus EZ car rental offers convenient passport
so that we drive about route #1, route #95, feeling free,
Morty Rowlingstone,   Myanmar apartments,
Shannon Constantin, Hasty Alain Chamber music enjoyments,
Don't forget Jimmy's Eggs near Sleep INN,
We believe in Anderson TV host and CVS in Princeton,
Because PhilipConoco 66 and Love gas stops do make us grin.


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