Friday, December 26, 2014

hope for tomorrow Haiku

cheerleader girls wave,
elegant show adds grace to crowds
Tiara, Bailee, Ann


Left, Right, Up, and Down,
Love, Laughter, and Life are all
around, happy new year

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter Morning by Tobias Treppmann

Winter morning
The streetlights burning
Despite the bright, blue, cloudless sky
The streets they are gloomy
and full of shadow and rime
People dressed black and blue
Hoping to be just in time
Wips of smoke fom the cars
Are dancing on the street
Everything else is frozen,
Static, unable to move
Not one single word spoken
A friendly hand hides in a glove
All animals seem to have died
Just two little birds still alive
In love following each other
on their winter-morning-flight

Sunday, December 7, 2014

from kenya 2009

The sea shore, an island in the distance,
Silky waves against the sunset,
wrinkled reflections in blinking eyes,
The island and the ocean connect,
by boats, and wanderers with high-pointed noses,
In fact, there are others shores,
Germany and Spain, San Francisco
and Florida keys, New York City and etc.,
Unsettled ripples ride the wind passing wishes,
remembering the Pearl Harbor in California,
Peace and wars build up in waters,
Forests turn red in summer heat,
I grow up, no more weak
in thinking or surviving,
I see the sea,
and becoming sensitive on one's fate.