Friday, February 27, 2015

RJ Clarken

What rhymes with Clarken?
Proven?**Lady Parden?***
Maybe Heaven in Seven-Eleven!!!!
That's quite some, I guess
Don't make a fuss,
because I will honor RJ Clarken
and post this poem in Oven
Hope that this brings in fame or Flame
as I write down:
Happy New Year! Blame
None and No Frown!!!!!

 Hyde park thursday poetry rally week 81: (Feb 25- March 11, 2015)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

life in motion

a bridge at digital age,
you have made friends
who split souls,
traveling, shifting, mastering
divergent sequences,
at ginger root medicine stand,
onion layers growls,
projecting their spiky teeth
toward my scalp,
not much of happy contacts,
since I have to sneeze
to get my nose a release,
we leave the rest of healing
to some invisible minds...
the hair dryer breathe hot air
on your cheeks,
my concerns
your foes...