Friday, April 24, 2015


green or tan,
always carry thrills.
eating pears in winter,
let your cough removed by pear power,
that's natural nutri-pearsome to you.
let an orchard grow,
let fruits be picked by you,
let the innocence outshine malianu.

 pears fruit pears health benefits

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J & J Donut

Two rings,
One bracelet,
Three sweet donuts.
Church's chicken drumsticks,
Edmond Shell and guthrie Prime oil,
Spicy lunch meal.
Barnyard Benders from Gaylord-Pickens museum,
A yellow long-necked duck and a grey home t-shirt,
the curious scott jackson and scott leming.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yellow Corn, Green Stalks...The Autumn Reverie


Shifting haze, so slowly trailing
Through wood and field, now veiling
Melancholy skies, holding back the tears
With wild geese flying to meet other years.
Flames of crimson torches come flinging
Leaves on knarled branch swinging; 
Desolate winds rush leaping
Taking flowers to their final sleeping.
In the groaning of the atmosphere
Unfolding sorrows weep with the fading year;
Fields of cluttered stubble are tangled
With rampant weeds, dew drop spangled.
Flocks of birds leave like flying missiles
Over fields of corn and drying thistles;
Then my dream of autumn fades, paling
Through a grandeur all prevailing
When sunset fires light sky and sea
And sink in the breath of serenity.
 Image result for corn stalks

Image result for corn stalks