Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rianna from Glendale, California (world peace action business year number4 )

there is always someone lurking in the dark,
there is always someone disagreeing in the media,
individual freedom serves Paula, Wayne, Cathy, Wilks, Burk, and Dan well,
Words of warning ring through
Rianna Mehr and Jeaneen Naifeh from Glendale, California.
Richard, Ross, Mutz, O'Donnell, Edson, Jordan, Bruce, Shepard, Yoeckel know it all,
so do G-man, Seth, Larry, Jian, and Monkey-man,
Andrea Veigh and Lisa Storm play games fine,
George Vuvuzela and Yo Yo Ma prefer Cello and cups of grape wine.
We watch Martha Stewart and Alanna Kellogg
St Louis, Missouri  for Fancy cooking,
We read Redbook, Consumer Reports, Money, Reader's Digest magazine for peaceful living,
Amy Tan, Mitt Romney, Thomas Perez, amd Julio Guiano write books for relational peace,
Iris Chang, Annapolis Montuwa, Pat Mather Brown Gordon-ceton, Joe Ma, and Kelly Bingham go for instant poetic grace.
Praise poets who continue write for passion, occasion, and nitrition,
Amber Sonksen, Joy Lansana, Paolo Cruz, Dawn Northrop, Rick Judson, Emily Barot,
Mary-Kate Ho, Morton Knox, Robin Fallin, Carol Chitwood, Amy Sandberg, Mo Yan,
George Myles, Vincent Stiles, Dan Zeller, Alissa Cohan, Frank Huang, Edward Lee,
Suri Sherlock, Larry Wojahn, Akiko Pankey, Kimiko Noble, John Clinton, Peter Markes..

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