Tuesday, December 15, 2015

short stroy slam week 34, a dupey wyly shoppe

I don't know what's happening,
many figures calculate
and decide to promote a small dustbin
the smell is strong,
the container is tiny,
but the demand is strong.
a grey sock and a red scarf,
together they make our heart warm
and we do agree with Samuel and Rudolph.
there are lots of award winning activity
and john menzer decide to look pretty
so that Jeff and Alex feel happy.
the dinner is done,
the message is sent,
and the party is over until next time.

PS: we appreciate lots of people who input their embrace to many others,
a mention shall remove all doubtful thoughts from their oven
and best wishes for your holiday season:

Gregory Wasson
Walgreen Tulsa Yale
Walgreen Tulsa Sheridan
Michael Bolton
Lane Bryant
Abuelo, Alan G. McNally
Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin
Bain Capital
Michael J. Dupey
Samuel Wyly
John Menzer
Charles Rudolph Walgreen
James A. Skinner
Alex Gourtay
David Bernauer
Jeff Rein
Julie Strain
Jeff Hopper
Larry Noller
Kayla Smith
Michelle Charles
Merrick Eagleton
David Bitton
Timothy Cole