Wednesday, January 20, 2016

the moore american news chips

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micro wave
the way we see the world
the color we wear going out

they are stories budding from the bottom of our hearts
why not agree?

beyond the loud noises,
i chew JUICY gum to calm my nerve
and write dairy to visualize my  vision
it is a beautiful agenda

today, I decide to type some more angels,
so that their smiles carry lots of hope,
Joy Hampton, Sidney Lee, Kevin Listen shall love reading,
Clifton Adcock, Ben Fenwick, Lance Maxwell must stay creative

the weather is dark with heavy clouds,
no wind, but icy chill in our cheeks,
I yell for a warmup,
and I look into Mark Steven Hamm, and Terry Cavnar for comments

not all birds fly fast,
not all fish escape fisherman's net,
if you are caught looking,
you shall agree with Kevin Gerber, Glenn Lewis, and Susan Sharp

news people are smart and sharp,
they search and research materials over and over,
thus i am glad to fame Janelle Steclein, Wanda Billbe, and John Shinn

hello, Washington D. C.,
goodbye, Michael Kinney, Angela Patton, and Matilda Bollag