Thursday, April 28, 2016

poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43, the balance of politics and regular household

A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016

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Image result for davis california

Image result for davis california  

Maryland, Mary Kay,
Ashley Olson and Mary Kate Olson adventures

Lady Gaga, Judicial Officer Kate Adams, Lester Asamoah,
Youth Governor Cale Curtin, Andrew Middleton, Megan Crow,

Montana state, Helena city,
Helena Montana sings music to Abbey Wood and Ethan Rex,

Houston Space Center, Texas Ranch,
Becca Young, Pete Storm, Curtis Ham, Holly Bray, Henry Kulick occupy house of representatives

Tyler McKinney, Michael West, Matt Cooper, Sheng Wu, Chris Lamb, they discuss Delhi case,
Wendell Krebs, Blake Pruitt, Forrest Rogers, Pam Chamblee, and Karen Green, they advise

Despite Emily Claude and Amber Ayers partnership,
Tyler Martin, Curtis Hann, Rachel Reed, Eddie Pledger, Rick Davis, and Vernoon Hooks, wise

you may wonder,
what is this name list all about?

I do think about it,
it is a group of student officer who opt to organize court room meetings so that they grow up ready

ready for problem solving,
ready for peace making

Caleb Davis is a thing,
so does Tom Lee, and Braxton Noble

Christina Fallin is a thing,
so does Sage Russell, Ryne Smith, Tom Lee Wu

James Wrighton is a thing,
we agree that Sabrin Abu Seir, Amanda Wood, Glen Quintana, Kayla Davis, and Aaron Sharp also cool

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