Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Wordle 249 


shadow trail... 

starting from  Anne Ezzell Peters,
we record music at Lone Wolf, with Zhang Chunqiao, Julie Cohen, Emily Claude in it

beginning August, 2016,
Lucinda Southworth, Susan Wojcincki, Beryl Schmidt, and Anne Wojcicki renew driver's liscense

leaving behind old memory,
the yearning moment for silken fire is tense

seashells remain white washed,
egglands use cell phone device to lighten up thoughts exchanges

Grace Hans and Engler Hans sit, feeling boundless wisdom,
joining in Douglas Aichele, Cathryn Castle, Patricia Lee, Alicia Ottino, Alissa Schapiro

Libby Wuller and Jordan Stine will house a summer party,
Kyle Wallace, Dalton Jones, Ann Hargis, Ann Halligan, and Janet Schmidly have fun moving around

printing Leah Henry, Baylee Henry, Laynie Henry as lady of the grace,
we smile, we walk, and we dine at Aspen coffee

Olive Garden is sweet with Italian bread sticks and fresh salads,
Texas Road house and Jimmy's Eggs serve omelets and yummy pancakes

food is good,
soul food is a must

looking at our back,
we find Bill Conger, Connie Fawcett, James Waldo, Amanda Shankle-Knowlton in sherwood

we are grateful for Joseph Singer and Charles Rosenberg, including Larry Page,
we put our hope on David Boren, Barbara Perkins, Doug Perkins, Debbe Leftwich, Joe Dorman

jumping for joy for this summer's rests,
we sit, write, and pin a ribbon on Kim Henry, Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb, Melinda Johnson, Andrew Grimes

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Anne Ezzell Peters

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I like your photos.
Have a Happy Week ahead.
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