Thursday, December 8, 2016

short story slam week 57 nashville hunting and nancy flord writing

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Nancy Floyd

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Hallie Caddy
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Holly Hoffman

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Bailey Hill
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Image result for daniel meigs   Daniel Meigs

so, NFocus magazine
Megan Barry leads

I read Nancy Floyd, Holly Hoffman,
I am impressed by the sweet gesture of Bailey Hill, Eric England, and Daniel Meigs

First Tennessee bank could be grand,
Ally bank could be close friend

Steve Lowry could post Kathrine Brown, Marilyn Dubree, Claire Gulmi,
Bruce Barry could shake hands with Cordia Harrington, Sharon Hunt, and Beverly Keel

when Max Barry learns from Baron William Trump and Donald Trump III,
Charles Haydon, Kenneth Hansen, Kenneth Ward, and Eric Trump grin

Michael Bunch and Ann Pruitt have fun photographing,
Larry Gosney, Scott Leming, David Schmidly, Kimberly Henry, they cheer up

cold ice
winter blues

we are glad that James Park, Eric Friedman, Jonathan Rosenberg, Nicholas Dirks enjoy inventing
Boqing Dong, Quansen Jiu, Xiaojing Xu, Baoquan Yuan, Dongho Chae, Changxin Miao...mathing

ladies night
holiday fright

stage fears
century old chill

Jim Wales and Mark Surman stay upbeat,
Ronnie Steine, Aleta and Byron Trauger, Sara and Peter Hampshire eating valentine's words

princeton, new brunswick
newark, los angeles

miami, orlando,
lawrence, fort smith

Carol Berry and Darryl Yochem, they greet audience of courage of love,
Beth Chasem Pat Shea, Todd Falk, Jane MacLeod, Anne Shepherd, they forever buffing friendship

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Image result for cheekwood gardens 

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Image result for google and los angeles 

Image result for google and los angeles  
Image result for google and los angeles

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