Sunday, February 12, 2017


angry magpie bird
swept by cry of Coward's son
once a year romance

july 7 and 11
Yufan and Pengjia remarks
Han Shui sings Opera

Qingming memorial
Denney Lee sees Cory Williams
blood bond stays tight

Kimberly Xunzhao
brave girl plots heavy floods
Haiti earthquake quotes

Chuanbing Legacy
Brad Henry waves his Jingkubang
Yi Wei Sheng Chang runs

Penn state longs hard
Remarkable Yanglan and Wu
Gu Jianfeng claps loud

Balane Blair poetry
fresh voice echoes Paisley Giants
Admiring Rouhen Monkey

Henryetta and Uwe
Guo Song, Guo Lanying, both rise
Prayers to Shuhua Dou

Alissa loves Pippen
Grace grows roots in Peng Lunli
Sun Tan bell rings Jingle

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